The Banana Fruit Crush Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss Recipe

by Rob

Meal replacement shakes are becoming more common with people wanting a short-term solution to weight loss, and many different online retailers are now selling these shakes.  But have you considered actually making your own meal replacement shakes for weight loss?  It is actually very easy and you don’t need to be an expert in the kitchen.  Here is just one delicious meal replacement shake that you can make in your own time and leisure which will not only taste great but can also help you to lose weight.  All you will need are the following ingredients and a mixer or blender machine.

Shake Ingredients:

  • One banana
  • One cup of crushed pineapple
  • One tablespoon of protein powder
  • Seven ice cubes
  • One tablespoon of ground flax seed
  • Eight ounces of milk (or soy milk works just as well)
  • One tablespoon of peanut butter
  • One cup of fresh strawberries

Firstly place all your ingredients apart from the ice cubes into the blender and set the mix setting to “pulse”.  The pulse all the ingredients together for around forty seconds until they are suitably blended – but still retaining a few chunks – after all we want some good textures in here!

Then add the ice cubes in which are going to make your meal replacement shake for weight loss nice and cold as a refreshing drink.  Blend for another thirty seconds until the whole thing is blended together.

Pour the mix into a tall glass if you have one, or you can even store the mix in the refrigerator for a later date.  See how easy that is?  Of course if you are looking for slightly different results other than weight loss then you could even start to customize this recipe even further.

As an example many weight lifters use shakes when taking nitric oxide supplements or Creatine and would replace the protein powder from the ingredients with any dietary or training supplement.  One word of caution though, if you are thinking about taking this approach then please make sure you speak to your doctor before doing so because there can be some nasty and unwelcome side effects of nitric oxide supplements including an upset stomach – so you need to be aware of the full facts before proceeding.

The meal replacement shake for weight loss recipe can be adapted as much as you like, but the ingredients we have listed will hopefully make you feel like you’ve actually replaced a meal – and of course it’s very tasty.  Which can’t always be said about a lot of weight loss supplement recipes that you will find to buy on the Internet.

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