Summer Salads Your Guests Will Love

by Rob

Do you entertain a lot in the summer?  It can be draining to slave over a hot stove when the weather gets steamy.  Use these ideas to get you out of the kitchen faster so you can enjoy being a hostess and entertain your guests instead of roasting over a stove.

Salads are the perfect outdoor summer food.  Whether you choose to serve a salad as a side dish to a main course, or as the main course itself, be sure to use the freshest ingredients possible.  If you are planning to have friends over on a Friday night, this warm thai chicken salad recipe is the perfect choice.  Grilled chicken strips and a homemade salad dressing pair perfectly with red potatoes and mixed salad greens.  Served with chilled white wine and multi-grain buns it is a light but filling meal.  For dessert serve frozen yogurt with fresh berries.  This recipe is perfect for a busy weeknight as the majority of it can be prepared ahead of time.  The chicken will be marinaded in a refreshing yogurt sauce, so you can marinade the chicken the night before.  You can also use any leftover barbecued chicken you may have from earlier in the week.  Cook the potatoes and prepare the peanut dressing the night before as well; that way the evening of your dinner all you will have to do is to set the table, chill the wine and barbecue the chicken.

If you are looking for a unique side salad dish, try this arugula pear salad recipe.  If pears aren’t available, or if they aren’t your favorite, try using mandarin oranges, sliced strawberries, or raspberries instead.  Alfalfa sprouts and red onions add crunchiness and sweetness, while the fresh mint leaves and lemon and orange zest add a zippy flavor.  This salad is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional steak dinner – your guests will be impressed!

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