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The preparation of green tea diet is an art in itself. There are basically 3 important factors in the preparation of green tea:

* Water temperature of the tea water

* Dosage – the quantity of tea

* Infusion of tea

These three factors are crucial to the taste of green tea. For a perfect taste experience requires the preparation of a thorough

preparation. Not otherwise tea-drinking in Japan is a respected and valuable ceremony. Each tea or any variety differs from

preparation to preparation and is therefore a unique experience. To prepare a good green tea, it requires a bit of practice and

knowledge. Once you have developed a sense for the 3 factors, the enjoyment of tea no longer a problem.

Dosage and quantity

Everyone is drinking his tea differently. Some like it more powerful-others are rather mild – weaker. The relationship between

water and green tea makes the taste. The less tea the stronger the taste.

Intense and Tasty Tea

For an intense flavor and aroma in tea can in principle for a single serving nearly 10 – Pour 14 grams of green tea with hot water

(1 liter). Helpful for the tea set is the teaspoon. This may take about 3 grams per teaspoon. Thus, for a range between 4-5

teaspoons of tea infusion of green tea.

The taste of tea can vary from variety to variety. Therefore, this ratio of tea leaves and water, no universal guide. As already

mentioned, the sampling and practice the best way to find your own taste.

Water and water for tea

For optimum enjoyment of tea soft water should be used. Lime and chlorine, or other artificial ingredients should be as low as

possible. This can not distort the flavor of tea is a special water filters. This purifies the tea water very quickly and easily.

You will most particularly in mountain spring water. This is free of artificial ingredients and is rich in minerals. Thus, the

ideal situation for a perfect tea.

Do not pour too hot!

The green tea is not tea they aufgießt with boiling water. Not every tea variety has the same bathing temperature. The green tea

should with hot water (between 60 – 90 ° C) are poured. What temperature is perfect depends on the tea itself. Basically you can

say that with more tea blends a water temperature between 76-90 ° C and with lighter blends a water temperature between 60-70 ° C

is recommended.

The temperature can be cooking with the water usually difficult to regulate because it is set to cook only. For this reason, you

can easily use a thermometer. This tells them exactly when the water is hot enough. Special tea thermometer are offered in every

tea shop.

By boiling the tea water taste better. Is the opinion of tea experts. It is best to simply test for themselves what one tastes and

how good it is when the water is first boiled or not.

Brewing time – Drag the tea

The green tea to black tea differs significantly from the infusion. This is only a few minutes. After 1-3 minutes the tea with the

drag is finished and can be drunk. Green tea is free and can therefore provide its taste and flavor better and faster than the

water like black tea. The lighter the tea, the longer it can take. Thus, in light tea Steep recommend at least 2-3 minutes. Of

course, the brewing time from species to species differ again. Read the best to prepare a recommendation on the tea packaging or

package insert.

Multiple pour from a tea

Basically, the re-infusion of an already brewed tea is not recommended because the flavor is lost. In Japan this is done mainly

because the tea is prepared in a stronger mixture. This escape after a new infusion no taste.

Tea Wash – open

Open to the terms of the tea or wash means a brief and light infusion. Here, the tea is “washed” in a 1 infusion. This 1 infusion

is then discarded. The 2nd Infusion is then drunk first. This is obtained according to tea experts, a clean and pure flavor of tea

drinking. Addition, however, the caffeine content is significantly lower, as it is washed out of the tea.

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