Get It On The Table – No Fuss Meals

by Rob

Looking at food these days can be like a science class if you start looking at the additives and trying to figure out just what it is that you are actually eating. Most processed foods including take-out, fast food and a lot of pre-packaged items come with extras in the form of additives, a few of them are harmless but unfortunately there are a very large number of them that have no business in a healthy body. Additives affect everybody if eaten even if you do not see the direct results you may be surprised to see the changes in yourself or your kids if you go onto an additive free style diet.

The best way to do this is to prepare your food yourself and this does not mean hours of labor in the kitchen there are plenty of shortcuts you can take and ways you can stock your kitchen with products to save you time and not compromise yourself. Just check the labels and choose the items that have the fewest amounts of ingredients and preferably no additives at all. It takes a period of adjustment but once you become familiar with what is good and what is not it will become easy for you to make the right food choices and you will be able to enjoy the results – better immunity and less sickness, better behavior all around and the peace of mind knowing that you are providing a good platform for good health in the future by not consuming products that have been directly linked to a range of health issues.

Get yourself a slow cooker so you can create meals using ingredients that are not riddled in additives, choose organic products where you can. Simply chop your ingredients the night before, add them to the cooker and switch it on, when you arrive home your food will be ready to serve or soon will be. There are an abundance of chicken breast recipes as well as a range of other recipes like sweet potato casserole.

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