Chicken Breasts Recipes that You will Love

by Rob

So you’ve got a family to feed in support of an hour or so approximately to organize. Generally, for those who have some chicken white meat meat you’ll have the ability to rustle something up. For this reason I love this meat – not because I love the flavour greater than a steak, but because technology-not only in a wide variety of dishes. These chicken breast recipes are really a classic illustration of this flexibility. Inside an hour you’ll possess a great, healthy meal for the entire family.

Ingredients needed: Half a medium sized butternut squash, four chicken breasts, 175g prepared French beans,  olive oil,  2tbsp ground coriander, two large onions, 1tbsp thyme, 600ml chicken stock,  peeled and diced, 100g mange tout, two garlic cloves, four large flat mushrooms and 16 small new potatoes, .

1. Prepare a casserole dish and put the chicken breast along with olive oil, pepper and salt then cook them until they become brown. Turn the oven to around 190c.

2. Make the onions into little pieces and prepare the butternut squash by eliminating the pips. Make the squash into cubes.

3. When the chicken become browned, get the casserole dish and put the onion into the pan with a great amount of oil. Crush in the garlic cloves and with a wooden spoon stir well.

4. In the event that the onions are starting to hiss, put in the rest of the veggies such as the butternut squash, french beans, mange tout, mushrooms and herbs and make sure to wash them properly.

5. For 3 minutes, stir all the vegetables then add the chicken stock. Boil it and add precooked chicken breasts and put the casserole dish into the oven. Cook for about 45 mins.
Try it now and I am sure that you will never regret it!  Good luck!

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