Get a Ride to Your Next Medical Appointment

by Rob

When people think of medical transport services, they usually think of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances or emergency medical flights. While these are the primary mode of transportation for medical care, there are other options for issues that are not emergencies. Many communities have shuttles to help people get to medical care.
These services are fairly straight forward. The shuttles will pick you up before your appointment and take you back to your residence.  People who may benefit from these services may be those who are wheel chair bound, children with special needs and their parents, senior citizens, and anyone else needing a ride.
Many people in rural areas would benefit from these services. If you do not own a car, public transportation may not be available.  Taxi services are costly especially if your treatment requires multiple and frequent visits, or if you live a far distance from the medical facility.  Another benefit of the medical transport services is that they are usually accompanied by a medical professional of some kind, perhaps only a certified nursing assistant, but these people are trained in basic life saving skills, and medical equipment care and troubleshooting. If someone were to run into medical distress en route to the appointment, care could be implemented sooner.  A taxi driver or bus driver cannot usually provide medical care.
Shuttles are a popular choice for places such as senior citizen centers, hospitals, doctors, group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Many of these places are not funded to be staffed with a shuttle to get their residents and patients to their appointments.  The shuttle services pride themselves in ensuring you make it to your appointment on time and safely.  Of course if you are in need of long distance medical transport this isn’t an option for you.
The next time you find yourself without a vehicle, or unable to drive yourself to your medical appointments; look for medical transport services in your local community. You may find some for free, or for a small fee, but you will be sure to get to your appointment safe and on time.

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