Coping With Rosacea – Healing Redness and Broken Capillaries

by Rob

For those who suffer from rosacea you will know how distressing this condition can be and how sensitive your skin is to many ingredients found in cosmetics and skin lotions. Redness and broken capillaries are the main problems but they can be controlled with care. You may be prescribed antibiotics or other skin creams by your dermatologist which will help to ease the inflammation and treat acute symptoms. Some medications that may be prescribed are metronidazole, azaleic acid and sodium sulfacetamide. Azaleic acid is a naturally occurring acid that has been found helpful in the treatment of a range of skin conditions including acne and rosacea.

What steps should you be taking yourself to help to control this embarrassing condition?

The first thing to do is to always use preparations on your face that are specially formulated for rosacea sufferers. There are some ingredients that are well known for irritating this condition including salicylic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids, clove oil and peppermint oil so you should make sure these are not included in anything you put on your face. If you use a new product do a test by applying a small amount in a place that won’t be noticed for a few days to make sure you are not going to react to it. Better a small area of irritation than your whole face!

Dealing with the broken capillaries seen in rosacea sufferers

One of the problems with roscaea that is most distressing is the occurrence of broken capillaries. These can be dealt with by using laser therapy. To help prevent and heal broken capillaries use a cream that contains vitamin K which is needed for healthy blood vessels. Many over the counter rosacea creams will contain vitamin K.

Ingredients found in over the counter rosacea creams

In addition to vitamin K some other ingredients have proven helpful including willow herb and Bio Maple. Willow herb has been used for a long time for healing and reducing skin redness and Bio maple, extracted from maple trees, is claimed to minimise blemishes and also to reduce redness.


At present there is no cure for this condition but rosacea treatments and preparations can reduce the redness and broken capillaries that are so distressing. Care is needed to read ingredients in creams and lotions for the face and never apply anything to the face without testing it first.

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