Acne Control or Acne Treatment – Make your choice

by Rob

If you meet people every day and see outbreaks of acne on their faces, what would your thoughts be? You would probably be thinking this is some kind of an epidemic, which is affecting a lot of people. The next question, which must be asked, is what are you going to do about it? Start taking some acne control measures or wait until the problem affects you as well. You would without any doubt want to take up the acne control measures to stay away from the problem.

As you have made your decision that preventive measures are better than going in for treatments, there are certain things you will have to do. Your thinking is definitely in the right direction but unless you adopt acne control measures earnestly, your thinking will bear no fruits. First of all get rid of all the fragrant soaps you have been using to wash your face. Go out into the market and get an acne cleanser along with a mild face wash. Try and buy an herbal face wash if available. Forget about the fragrances as they will not help you in your measures at acne control. Use the face wash and the acne cleanser regularly on your face. You will have made a start in your attempt at keeping acne away.

You would have gone to a beauty salon to get a haircut or even get some make up applied. This time pay a visit to get acne facial treatment. You do not have to do this every time you use the acne cleanser. Acne facial treatment can be taken once in a month or as many times as you are comfortable with it.

Finally watch your diet. Forget about the oily foods you were having and stick to a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits and white meat. It is the oil underneath the skin, which causes acne outbreaks. For any acne control measure to work, you will have to make every effort to reduce the oil in your body.

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