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Do Honey Bees Prefer Honey B Healthy Feeding Stimulant Bee Nutrition

Do Honey Bees Prefer Honey B Healthy Feeding Stimulant Bee Nutrition

I purchased a bottle of Honey B Healthy on Amazon, here is the link:

The Hive Entry Board Feeders Shown are Here:

In this video, I used one gallon of purified fresh water

White table sugar was mixed with the water at a 2 to 1, two parts sugar to one part water, ratio and all four entry drinkers were filled with that sugar water.

Honey B Healthy was added to 2 drinkers at a rate of 1 teaspoon per quart.

The drinkers were arranged from left to right:

Sugar Water Only, Sugar Water with HBH added, Sugar Water Only and finally on the right end, Sugar Water with HBH added.

The end result as shown in this video is that our honey bees (we are five or more miles from any other managed honey bee colonies) preferred pure sugar water without additives over the Honey B Healthy amended water.

I made no assessment as to the health benefits of adding HBH, only made the basic observation that my bees don’t choose it first.

You can read more about this product at: www.Honeybhealthy.com

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